Mo Vàsquez is born in Quito, Ecuador. She has obtained her artistic studies through workshops, short and university careers in Ecuador and Argentina such as: Scenography and Costumes, Visual Communication, Art Direction for Cinema, Art History, Drawing, Painting and Design.

She believes that much of her learning is obtained through self-study and constant search to develop her own language exploring various media and materials to create.
It develops in different visual areas independently such as muralism, painting, design, illustration, also teaches private workshops of creativity, art therapy, recycled and organic art and is cultural manager of her own projects linked to nature, environment and public space.

It has been selected to paint festivals urban and visual art have two solo exhibitions and many group shows its large formats and graphic works have been exhibited in Mexico, Argentina, Colombia and Ecuador.
Currently her work is appreciated in urban art catalogs, magazines, books, museums, galleries, public space and private collection.

For more info check http://www.movasquez.com

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