What we have achieved so far

We only could achieve with the help of committed people who support the project and like-minded neighbors.


Find more information regarding the status of our projects, details about our team and strategic partners. Additionally, all documents related to the legal status of the foundation and land purchases can be found in the legal notice.

The Founders

Chrissy van der Linden and Stefano Bajak

Take responsibility for the environment in which they live.

Save The Paradise was founded by Chrissy van der Linden (Dutch) and Stefano Bajak (Ecuadorian), both passionate about animals and nature. They come from the fast-paced and demanding world of audiovisual production. Initially, their idea was to find a peaceful escape from city life between jobs, and they discovered it in Mompiche, a small coastal town in the Esmeraldas Province of northern Ecuador. Here, the lush jungle merges seamlessly with the sea, and the local people are known for their warm and uncomplicated nature. However, their serenity was disrupted when they realized that the forest was rapidly disappearing. It was at this point that they decided to take action, leading to the creation of the Save the Paradise Foundation, with the mission to make a difference and protect as much of this precious forest as possible.

The foundations Board

Chrissy van der Linden


Shayne McCreadie


Chris Belloni


Martha Gallego


Teo Albert

Senior Strategic Advisor

Current Status

Check here for the current status of our four projects. To get more Information about the projects follow the more-link.

Land purchase, monitoring and reforestation

Purchasing and monitoring tropical rainforest and designate the land as an ecological reserve in perpetuity.

The foundation currently safeguards approximately 47 hectares of land, which is roughly equivalent to 57 soccer fields. Out of this, the foundation directly owns 27 hectares, while an additional 20 hectares are under our management and owned by our strategic partners

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Community Center for Art and Science

A place to organize workshops; focusing on empowerment, environmental consciousness and self-care.

In 2023 we have created a concept in order to receive funding.

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CoNeMo wildlife corridor and bridge

Connecting the costal Region with the Mache-Chindul Ecological Reserve.

The Conservation Network of Mompiche (CoNeMo) proudly safeguards approximately 300 hectares of rainforest. The easternmost parcel of our land lies just 4.5 kilometers, as the crow flies, from the national reserve Mache Chindul Reserve.

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Aiyuna Chocolate

Women empowerment, sustainable agroforesting, fair labor and economic resilience.

We're thrilled to share that we've established an exciting experimental chocolate laboratory, where we craft exquisite chocolate bars in limited quantities. Looking ahead to 2024, our exciting goal is to develop a comprehensive business plan to secure the funding needed for our chocolate venture.

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In the reports, there are some figures that are difficult to understand without context. For better transparency, here are a few values about the foundation cumulates over the years


We bought 32,29 hectare since 2019 with a total value of XY USD. The average price for one hectare is XYZ USD.


We collected XY USD of donations.


We spent XYZ USD on other things than buying land. That includes Taxes, Layers, Fees. So far xy% of the money that gets to us is used for purchasing land. In 2022, the rate has improved to XY%.

Whats Left

Right now we have XYZ USD in our bank account.

Latest Reports & Documents


2019 (dutch)

Policy Plan

2019 (english)

Annula Reports

2019/2020 (dutch)


2019/2020 (dutch)

Purchasing Documentation

1,5 hectare

First bought by Stefano Bajak in 2016

3,5 hectare

Second patch bought in July 2019

4 hectare

Third patch bought in November 2019

Why is the foundation seated in the Netherlands?

Save the Paradise Foundation is recognized as a non-profit organization in the Netherlands, bearing the ANBI status. This recognition not only allows our Dutch supporters to contribute effortlessly and receive tax refunds but also signifies our commitment to making giving accessible worldwide. While the Netherlands was our initial success story, we're excited to extend our reach. We're actively planning to establish foundations or equivalent entities in Ecuador, Germany, and the United States, ensuring that supporters from around the globe can join our mission. If you're a Dutch citizen, visit the Belastingdienst website for detailed information on deducting your generous gifts from your tax returns.

Institutional Partners

Prefeitura de Esmeraldas

The Prefetura is supporting us  generously with tree seedlings.
Visit the Website

Howler Foundation

A grass root organization created in 2017 to conserve the biodiversity of the Ecuadorian coastal Chocó region.
Visit the Website

CoNeMo Network

Save The Paradise is part of the Conservation Network of Mompiche (CoNeMo). The network includes private, institutional or corporate landowners of Mompiche. They are committed to the protection and conservation of the rainforests of Mompiche, Ecuador. They take action and responsibility by protecting the forest and the species that depend on it on the land they own.

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