Successful campaign for crucial 5.5 hectares

With your help we raised 18,000 USD, and are about to connect the foundations land to already protected areas

For a long time it was not clear whether this is going to happen

Just a few weeks ago, it was not clear whether we would be able to collect enough donations to buy the strategically very important patches. This would have made it very difficult to connect to land already protected by CoNeMo member Ramon Cotera for years to come. In addition, one plan of other buyers was to make a pig farm out of a part of 1.5 hectares. This would have been located directly on the river just a few kilometers above the mouth where people draw water from the stream.

The deadline was coming very close

The landowners had set a deadline for us to secure the land for the foundation. For months, we faced a lingering gap of about $3,500, closing at an agonizingly slow pace. Fortunately, an anonymous and generous individual, who prefers to stay out of the limelight, stepped forward to purchase the 1.5-hectare piece earmarked for pig farming. These 1.5 hectares will now be managed by the foundation. However, the threat of other land sales still loomed, potentially creating a gap in our vision of a continuously protected area.But in recent weeks, the invaluable support of several generous donors helped us close the $3,500 gap. Contracts for a 5.4-hectare share have already been signed in the first half of October, and negotiations for the remaining portion are progressing well. We are confident that these contracts will be signed soon.

The situation before (left) and after the purchase (right): Green: Land managed by the foundation, turquoise: Foundational land, yellow: CoNeMo, purple: In negotiation

Continue to help us and donate. Regular donations help us the most!

The course of this fundraiser serves as a stark reminder of just how reliant the foundation and our mission to save the rainforest in Mompiche are on consistent income. Even when no campaign is actively running, your continued donations are immensely valuable and enable us to achieve remarkable feats like the recent land acquisitions. Monthly donations are especially impactful as they provide us with a predictable source of support, making our work more sustainable and effective.The course of this fundraiser shows once again how much the foundation and saving of the rainforest in Mompiche depend on a regular income.