Help us to create sustainable impact for the rainforest and its people.

Mompiche is home to amazing people who believe in the beauty and importance of living harmoniously with nature. Together, we can fight against the negative influences of multi-national corporations and save the paradise for everyone and everything that calls this land home.

The Projects

Our projects aim to protect the highly endangered Chocó rainforest of Mompiche and it's inhabitants and at the same time improve the social and economic livelihood of the local people.

Preserving the Chocó Rainforest of Mompiche and reforesting

We are purchasing and monitoring tropical rainforest and legally designate the land as an ecological reserve in perpetuity.

The Chocó Rainforest of Mompiche is part of the Tumbes-Chocó-Magdalena biodiversity hotspot. The Region extends from Panama to Peru and is the most threatened tropical forest in the world with 98% loss of it's tree cover on the Ecuadorian coastal regions.

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Building a wildlife corridor with the foundations and CoNeMo landowners land.

Connecting the costal Region with the Mache-Chindul Ecological Reserve.

Habitat loss and segmentation are the primary causes of biodiversity loss and ecosystem degradation worldwide. Therefore, building a wildlife corridor is crucial to preserve the biodiversity of the Chocó rainforest in Esmeraldas.

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Community Center for Art and Science

A place to organize workshops; focusing on empowerment, environmental consciousness and self-care.

Through the Community Center, our aim is to offer creative and environmental education programs that empower individuals with the skills and knowledge needed for sustainable professionalization and entrepreneurship. We're committed to helping local residents not only earn a livelihood but also receive technical training while fostering awareness of flora and fauna conservation. By building a community of people who live in harmony with the rainforest while deriving sustainable livelihoods from it, we believe we can make a significant contribution to its protection.

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Aiyana Chocolate

Women empowerment, sustainable agroforesting, fair labor and economic resilience.

We're on a mission to craft organic cacao products through a manufacturing process led by local women who source cacao beans from sustainable plantations. Our aim is threefold: to bolster the local economy, empower the women's community, and, of course, champion the cause of preserving the forest.

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