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The foundation’s core purpose is creating the legal support for protecting the endangered rainforest and helping to transform it into a wildlife sanctuary and to protect it in every possible way from becoming an agricultural, industrial, or commercial property.

The impact of global warming, as a result of our excessive consumerism, is real.

> More than 200,000 acres of tropical rainforest are burned every day.

> About half of the rainforests all over the world are already gone, and much more is severely threatened as the destruction continues.

We can make a difference and we need to start right now.

With only 10USD, you can save 22 square meters of tropical rainforest in Ecuador.

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Tropical rainforest vs deforestation
Compare by moving the handler.

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Species of endemic vascular plants


Species of birds, 10.2% are endemic


Species of mammals, 25.5% are endemic


Species of amphibians, 60% are endemic


The Mission

What is happening to the rainforest and why we have to stop it.

The Project

Saving the rainforest by buying land since existing laws don’t take effect.

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You can help us saving the paradise. It’s easy and has a direct impact. Every dollar counts.


The people behind the  “Save The Paradise Foundation” and how we got involved.