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About the project

The planet faces an unprecedented climate crisis. One of the major contributors to this crisis is deforestation to create monocultures and cattle farms that irreparably degrade ecosystems. Save the Paradise is a non-profit foundation operating in Mompiche, Ecuador, within the endangered Ecuadorian Chocó bioregion. Our main goal is to protect the tropical rainforest of this area and save it forever.

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We are losing tropical forest at an alarming rate. According to Monitoring of the Andean Amazon analysis, only 39 percent of Ecuadorian Chocó forest remains. For lowland forest, located mainly in the province of Esmeraldas, only 32 percent remains. With your help we can continue protecting the biodiversity of Mompiche Lowland rainforest and restoring the balance of this endangered ecosystem.


Become a rainforest hero

Become part of our network of protected areas. Purchase a patch of rainforest and save it forever. The next image shows the current situation. By now a nearly contiguous area of 260 hectares are protected. We believe this achievement is a solid step in the direction to connect this network of protected areas with Mache-Chindul national reserve. If you take a closer look at the image, you can clearly see in the top left corner how the forest has been decimated and replaced by shrimp pool farms and monoculture plantations. On the other side, If you look closer at the left bottom corner you see that there’s still forest to be saved before it’s too late.

If you are interested in becoming a certified rainforest hero, and like to have your name on a piece of rainforest, please contact us and we will create a virtual appointment with you to explain in detail how this works.

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Our current campaign: #WeBeleaf

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The Project

Save the Paradise Foundation is actively working to expand the wildlife reserve in Mompiche, Ecuador.

The Project

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The people behind the Save the Paradise Foundation and how they got involved.

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Help to save the paradise. With no less than 20USD you can protect 44 square meters of the Mompiche Rainforest, forever!