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With no less than 10USD, you can save 22 square meters of tropical rainforest in Ecuador.



You can donate at the Gofundme page with various payment method.

Credit card or PayPal

We are sorry: Donations from Ecuador won’t work with PayPal. In this case, please use one of the other options to donate.

Bank transfer

Especially if you are from Europe you can donate directly to our bank account below without transfer costs. If you are from the Netherlands you can save tax money, because of the ANBI status. Please include your address in the transfer text.

Foundation Save the Paradise
Bankaccount: NL09TRIO0788770993


RSIN number: 860200395

Save the Paradise is a non profit organization

Main goal of the foundation is to protect the tropical rainforest in Mompiche, Ecuador. Almost half of the tropical rainforest around the world already disappeared because of deforestation, palm oil plantations, cattle farms, fish farming pools, among others. But another important goal is to strengthen the community in Mompiche because selling land has a lot to do with missing perspectives. See also: Who is selling the land and why.

The statutes and the policy plan states that none of the founders will receive a reward for the work related to the foundation.

What happens to my donation exactly?

We publish every purchase in our news feed and social media. In the project section you can see how much land we already have bought, where it is located and which parts of land are on the agenda to purchase. The purchase contracts, current liquidity and other documents are also put online there. You can see the amount paid for the hectare of land, which is legally signed by a notary of the Ecuadorian government.

ANBI Status

The Save the Paradise Foundation is officially recognized as a non-profit organization in the Netherlands (ANBI).

For more information about specific conditions for deducting the gift in your tax return, check the website of the Belastingdienst.

Is my donation tax deductible?

Our foundation has the ANBI status approved. This means for today your donation is tax deductible in The Netherlands only.

For the countries Ecuador and the USA we are in the process of legalising our foundation. So in the future hopefully we will be tax deductible in Ecuador and the United States too.

The allocation of the ANBI status has a very important purpose for the incoming part of the balance. For the companies and the individuals the tax benefit gives an extra incentive to donate. This incentive is a motivation for people and specially for companies in The Netherlands to donate.

If you make a donation to a cultural ANBI like Save the Paradise, you will receive an additional deduction for this. When you calculate your deduction, you may increase the donation to a cultural ANBI by 25%.

Statutes and policy plan

Here you can download the Statutes and the Policy Plan of the Save The paradise foundation:

Statuten Save The Paradise 2019 (dutch)

Policy Plan Save the Paradise 2019 (english)

Business donations

Charity donations can positively change business culture. They also have positive impacts on others.

For any professional company it is of huge value to show your social and environmental involvement.

Research has proven that supporting charity has:

1. Employee morale
2. Increased marketing
3. Tax deduction
4. Good for the community

When we start our commitment we will make a contract in which we register the agreements of the partnership, how long the partnership will be and the payment agreements. Also we will register per contract the use of our logo and how marketing is being done.

Who is selling the land and why?

Selling land is a matter of missing perspective. Because since the land is transformed to cattle farms, palm oil plantations and shrimp pools, it doesn’t provide the region with enough labour to give people another perspective.

Due to that, many people of Mompiche have lost their traditional basis of life, especially fishing. Many of those who own a little land, offer it for sale, piece by piece.

The land is mostly bought by multinational corporations and is transformed to more cattle farms, plantations and shrimp pools. Therefore Save the paradise is part of a larger movement in the region to give people a new perspective so they don’t have to sell their land at all (see the project page for more Information on that).

The goal is not so much to buy as much land as possible, then to preserve it in anyway. Meaning: For those people who absolutely must or want to sell their land, Save the Paradise offers an alternative, instead of selling it to a company.