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This campaign is about raising 40.000 USD to create a wildlife corridor of 220 hectares.

We have limited Time!

The Save The Paradise Foundation is trying to buy land that will close a gap between the foundation’s land and that of the Conservation Network of Mompiche (CoNeMo). CoNeMo is an association of landowners who have committed themselves to use their land only in a sustainable way and to leave the rainforest untouched. The land is for sale now and we need to save it from deforestation. Your whole donation will go directly into buying 12.4 hectares of land and preserve it forever!

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Find out, why this is so important.

Find more information on our campaign page. Meet the founders Chrissy van der Linden and Stefano Bajak. Learn what the exact costs are, how a wildlife corridor works, wehere we are standing and about more options how to donate.

more about the campaign

The  Save the Paradise Foundation

is a small foundation trying to make a difference by buying land in northwestern Ecuador in order to protect the remaining rainforest from deforestation forever. Other projects include a sustainable cocoa manufactory that will provide a stable source of income for women in the region and other ecological and social projects.

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