Hello friends, on Instagram we are sharing with you videos directly from Mompiche that are really alarming. Like the one of a good friend and neighbor (Joao de Queiroz) from The Howler Foundation send to us. This is happening in this very moment in the rainforest of Mompiche, this is what’s happening every day here, and this is what we are trying to stop! 
We are loosing the last patches of forests here, thousands of species are loosing their homes. More and more locals are selling their land and that’s a direct threat for the environment.
Please help us to stop this, donate and share the message to help us saving this paradise…
For those of you who don’t speak Spanish: In the video he is explaining that more than 20 trees are taken down by now and the plan is clearing the whole area. This is one of the last remaining habitats for the howler monkeys. We need to save it before it’s too late!

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