The Project

We are working to save the Mompiche Rainforest by converting it to an Ecological Reserve.

The First Steps

Acquiring the Land in Order to Save It

Our Foundation is actively working to acquire the rainforest of Mompiche, Ecuador with the hopes of restoring and preserving its delicate ecosystem.

Phase One: Protecting 22 hectares of rainforest, implementing an education program, and creating a platform for scientific research.

The first phase of the project involves buying 22 hectares (220,000 sq. meters) from local landowners. The area will then be designated as a natural reserve, and will be added to the already protected 15,000 sq. meters. The project includes the construction of two observation eco-huts and an ecological community center. The observation huts will provide a space to host biologists, entomologists, ornithologists, herpetologists, biology students, and volunteers. The ecological center will host important educational workshops and courses for the community in order to teach them about the environment. A key aspect of these workshops will concentrate on teaching better practices for sustainable incomes.

The Goal: Creating a reserve that is protected in perpetuity.

The land will be bought under the foundation’s name and legally designated as an ecological reserve in perpetuity. This protects it from commercial, agricultural or industrial use, and creates an opportunity for regrowth and habitat regeneration.

Phase Two: Acquiring the remaining rainforest.

With your continued support and donations, the next step includes acquiring the surrounding 30 hectares of rainforest.

A visual representation of Phase One: We are working to raise funds to acquire the areas highlighted in light green, orange, and blue.

Rainforest (left) vs. Palm Oil Plantations (right): The severe contrast in the Mompiche landscape. If we do not take action now, this area will be completely devastated in 5 years.