The Project

Saving the rainforest of Mompiche by buying land since existing laws don’t take effect. The goal is an ecological reserve in perpetuity, owned by a legal foundation.

The first steps

Acquire land in order to save it

Through several phases, “Save the Paradise Foundation” seeks to acquire land in the rain forest of Mompiche-Ecuador and protect it from deforestation. The intention is to bring back the delicate balance to these ecosystems that house an impressive amount of flora and fauna.

Phase one seeks to protect 22 hectares of the rainforest including actions for education and observation

The first phase of the project includes the acquisition of 22 hectares (220,000 m2). This area will be designated as a natural reserve in addition to 15,000m2 the foundation is already protecting. The project includes the construction of two observation eco-huts and an ecological community center. The observation huts will provide a space to host biologists, entomologists, ornithologists, herpetologists, biology students, and volunteers. The ecological center will host important educational workshops and courses for the community in order to teach them about the environment. A key aspect of these workshops will concentrate on teaching better practices for sustainable income.

The goal is a big reserve in perpetuity.

The land will be bought on the foundation’s name and legally designated as an ecological reserve in perpetuity; this secures it from any kind of commercial, agricultural or industrial use. Allowing it to regenerate and rebuild.

Second phase

With your continued help, the next step will acquire the surrounding 30 hectares.

First phases of this long term project.

This graphic shows the first and second phases of this long term project. The turquoise, green, orange and violet areas are part of the first phase.

Here you see the jungle versus the palm oil plantation in Mompiche.
If we don’t take action now, in 5 years this area will be completely devastated.