Our Mission

Multi-national corporations participate in the exploitation of the rainforest, while the government keeps silent. What can we do?

A commitment to nature and our community

The rainforest it’s disappearing rapidly.

Living on the edge of the tropical forest of Mompiche, on the north coast of Ecuador, we have become acutely aware it is rapidly disappearing. The rainforest and surrounding land, owned by poor farmers who needed money to feed their families would chop the trees and sell the wood. More devastating was the introduction of large multi-national companies who buy the land from these farmers. These companies decimate the forest and replace the vegetation with shrimp pools and palm oil plantations.

So we began to acquire land to save it from destruction.

To begin the process of acquiring land we bought 15,000 m2 with our savings. This was a starting point but more land must still be attained to ensure the protection of the larger surrounding forest against further destruction. Industry farming such as cattle, timber, shrimp pools, and African palm plantations are some of the leading causes of the deforestation.

Involving the local community isĀ essentialĀ for the sustainability of the project.

Our second commitment is to the community; It is imperative to involve the local community in our project, especially the children and younger generations. We will implement educational programs to teach and educate the importance and the fragility of this ecosystem and what it means for them and for their future generations. We will teach sustainable methods to generate income for their families while raising ecological awareness and living in harmony with nature.

The Challenge to save our environment

Existing laws do not prevent exploitation.

Ecuador is the first country with a constitutional environmental protection law but sadly the government does very little to enforce these laws which protect our environment and the fragile ecosystems in Ecuador. On the contrary, they are giving more and more concessions to big mining and oil industries that irreparably exploit the natural resources of the cloud and rain forests in this country.

Communities are facing the loss of their livelihood.

Another dismal fact is the lack of available education and resources to communities across Ecuador about the importance of the forests on our ecosystem and planet.

Mompiche is a chance to make a difference, despite the influence of large companies.

Fortunately, in our community we have amazing people who believe in, practice and teach sustainability, education, and recycling. Together we believe that we can fight against the speed and the power of the multi-national companies.

You Can Help To Stop this Horrible Deforestation Story

The graphic shows the extension of tropical rainforest that has been destroyed by shrimp farms, palm oil plantations, and cattle farms in the surrounding area.

This picture shows the contrast between the beautiful and biodiverse rainforest of Mompiche and the massive area of deforestation with shrimp pools, palm oil plantations, and cattle farms.

This is the reality of the tropical rainforest. Every day thousands of trees are cut down.