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Save the Paradise Foundation is buying local rainforest to save it from deforestation.

Create a natural reserve protected in perpetuity.

We purchase patches of tropical rainforest from private landowners under the foundation’s name and legally designate the land as an ecological reserve in perpetuity. This ensures the forest, and its inhabitants, are protected from commercial, agricultural, or industrial exploitation and allows for the regrowth and regeneration of degraded areas.

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howler monkey, mompiche, ecuador, rainforest

Acquiring the tropical rainforest in order to save It

Save the Paradise Foundation is actively working to expand the wildlife reserve in Mompiche, Ecuador. With the support of our donors and strategic partners, the foundation has protected 34 hectares after just two years of hard and committed work!

By bringing together a community of like-minded neighbors, we have created a nearly contiguous network of protected areas totaling 260 hectares.

The rainforest is rapidly disappearing. 

Ecuador’s Chocó region is a biodiversity hotspot with high levels of endemism, among the richest regions for plants globally. However, this ecosystem is also one of the most threatened in the world and over the last three decades has seen the highest rates of deforestation in Ecuador. The biodiversity of this important ecosystem is being replaced with shrimp pools, monocultures, and cattle farms.

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Existing laws do not prevent forest exploitation.

Ecuador is the first country to include the “rights of nature” in its constitution with the intention of preserving its priceless biodiversity, but sadly, the government does very little to enforce its policies. In reality, priority is given to mining and oil industries that destroy and pollute forests and water sources.

Communities are facing a loss of their livelihoods.

Local populations lack access to education and resources that teach the benefits and importance of preserving rainforest ecosystems. Until this understanding is imparted to the community and sustainable economic alternatives are provided, there is little incentive to protect this quickly vanishing environment.

Girls in the jungle lake
frog, rainforest, mompiche, save the paradise

Mompiche could be an example to make a difference for conservation projects in the rest of the country.

Mompiche can be an example for conservation projects across Ecuador.

Fortunately, this community is home to amazing people who believe in the beauty and importance of living harmoniously with nature. Together, we can fight against the negative influences of multi-national corporations and save the paradise for everyone and everything that calls this land home.

The current status (2021)

What we have achieved so far

Purchased and protected: 15.9 hectares of rainforest.

Replanted endemic and native trees with the help of the Prefectura of Esmeraldas: 3000 trees

In conservation protected and monitored* by Save the Paradise: 34 hectare.


The network of like-minded neighbours in Mompiche: 260 hectare saved from deforestation.

What are the next goals

Focusing on building up a community center we aim for 2022 to:

1.- Helping the local people to earn an income, technical training and awareness in flora and fauna conservation;

2.- Creating a communal center to organise workshops for the local women; focusing on empowerment, environmental consciousness and self-care.

3.- Create organic cacao products only managed by the local women, utilising cacao beans from their own sustainable plantations. Helping the local economy and preserving the forest.

4.-Reforesting 5000 trees.

5. Add a Patch of 40 hectare to the reserve

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