The Save the Paradise Foundation is buying local rainforest to save it from deforestation.

Acquiring the rainforest in order to save It

Save the Paradise Foundation is actively working to acquire the rainforest of Mompiche, Ecuador with the hopes of restoring and preserving its delicate ecosystem, preventing deforestation and degradation of the rainforest.

The goal is creating a natural reserve that is protected in perpetuity.

The rainforest will be bought under the foundation’s name and legally designated as an ecological reserve in perpetuity. This protects it from commercial, agricultural or industrial use, and creates an opportunity for regrowth and habitat regeneration.

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A Commitment to Nature and our Community

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The rainforest is rapidly disappearing. 

The rainforest and surrounding land is owned by local farmers that chop and sell critically endangered tree species to support their families. Recently, large multi-national companies have started buying this land and destroying the forest to build shrimp pools, create palm oil plantations, harvest timber, and graze cattle. These changes not only destroy critical rainforest habitat, they also negatively affect surrounding communities.

Healthy Rainforest in the North of Ecuador from above.

In response, Save the Paradise started acquiring this land to save it from destruction.

Because this issue is time sensitive, the foundations founders used their personal savings to quickly buy 15,000 square meters of rainforest and start the project. Save the Paradise is now diligently working to raise funds to buy the remaining land before it is sold in pieces to industrial corporations.

We must involve the local community to ensure an overall sustainable project. 

It is imperative to involve the local community in the project, especially focusing on upcoming generations. Save the Paradise is committed to implementing educational programs that teach the importance of this ecosystem and how its destruction will ultimately affect future populations. Upcoming projects are aimed to work with the community to implement sustainable methods of generating income, focusing on raising ecological awareness and creating a mutually beneficial relationship with the surrounding environment.

The challenges to save the last remaining rainforest of Mompiche

Existing laws do not prevent forest exploitation.

Ecuador is the first country with a constitutional environmental protection law, but sadly, the government does very little to enforce it. Conversely, more priority is given to mining and oil industries that exploit the natural resources of the rainforest.

Communities are facing a loss of their livelihoods.

Local populations lack access to education and resources that teach the benefits and importance of maintaining rainforest ecosystems. Until this information is provided, there is no incentive to work toward protecting this quickly vanishing environment.

Mompiche is the chance to make a difference for rainforests around the world.

Fortunately, this community is home to amazing people who believe in the beauty and importance of living harmoniously with nature. Together, we believe we can fight against the negative influences of multi-national corporations, and save the paradise for everyone and everything that calls this land its home. Through working with alliances Save the Paradise is committed to become a bigger force where land is no more in danger.

The current status (December 2020)

What we have achieved so far

The Save the Paradise Foundation has bought and therefore protected 9 hectares of rainforest. On 3,5 hectare the foundation replanted 250 trees.

Together with a network of landowners who also want to protect their property, 14 hectares of Mompiche rainforest have been saved from deforestation.

What are the next goals

Focusing on building up a community center we aim for 2021 to:

1.- Helping the local people to earn an income, technical training and awareness in flora and fauna conservation;

2.- Creating a communal center to organise workshops for the local women; focusing on empowerment, environmental consciousness and self-care.

3.- Create organic cacao products only managed by the local women, utilising cacao beans from their own sustainable plantations. Helping the local economy and preserving the forest.

4.- Training local men and women at the communal center, in growing, preserving and building with bamboo, also manufacturing corrugated bamboo roofing sheets, furniture and different products as an alternative to wood, cement, tin or asbestos roofing.

5.-Reforesting 800 trees.

The Project

The Save The Paradise Foundation is buying local rainforest to save it from deforestation. And there is more …

The Project

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