Planting trees on the first piece of protected land.

T hanks to the help of all our donators, we are able to buy 3,5 hectare of land! It’s so exciting, because on this piece of land there is an amazing beautiful tree where about fifty couples of oropendola birds come and nexy¡t every year.

Now, we know that the tree and birds will be save. Sadly, a year ago there was a beautiful rubber tree next to the Oropendola’s tree. Also amazingly beautiful. The cool thing of this rubber tree, here called Caucho, is that the monkeys love the leaves of this tree, often it was filled with monkeys. Unfortunately the tree was not long ago chopped, and not only this tree suffered, also other trees, as the tree fell down it took several others with it.

The protected area is quite big. The landowner has been farming cacao, banana coffee on it with the consequence that the land has less trees. That’s why for every participator who has been donating above 100 euro we are going to plant a tree in this first piece of protected land involving in this process the kids of Mompiche.

Together we can build a better future!

Birds nest in rainforest

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