Save the Paradise foundation acquired first 3,5 hectare land

S eptember 17 2019 the foundation signed the first protected land. After Save the Paradise is legalized in Ecuador we will designate the land as a natural reserve.

First Protected hectares of rainforest

It’s very exiting for us to be able to make these first steps. It not only gives us strength to continue what we’re doing, but also for the community in Mompiche and for the landowners it’s a sign that we as a foundation are trustworthy. We have spoken with few landowners who are willing to sell their land to the foundation to protect it. As they mainly all say the same, they don’t want to destroy their land and nature, but in the end they need to feed their family and then unfortunately the green monster wins.

The Howler Foundation

There are several other amazing people in the community of Mompiche who are involved into protecting the land.

Two persons we would like to name are Ramon Cotera and Joao Stacishin de Queiroz. Ramon and Joao are the founders of the The Howler Foundation. They have an amazing piece of land and just a week ago it has been designated as a natural reserve. That is really amazing news. Right now when you enter Mompiche you will see a beautiful sign saying it’s a natural reserve. Congratulations!

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