On december 14 2020, we launched on social media our campaign to save 15 hectare of tropical rainforest. This 15 hectares of land is in immediate danger and for that we are trying everything we can to save this beautiful piece of land. The landowner approached us knowing we are saving as much rainforest as we can. He informed us that the land is in favour by a logging company. Logging companies lease the land or buy the land and chop the entire forest to grow a certain type of wood known here as balsa, it’s relatively a fast growing tree and therefore valued a lot in the logging industry.

We set up a campaign on Instagram and Facebook and raised so far almost 10.000 USD. Though we still have a long way to go. We must raise 65.000 USD by half of januari 2021.

As shown in the campaign we need 3250 people who each can donate 20 USD. Please help us to share our campaign as much as possible, please donate and talk about this campaign with friends.

Spread the word, spread the message. Together we can accomplish a lot.