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is a campaign to raise 40.000 USD to save 12.4 hectares of rainforest in order to connect 220 hectares of rainforest.

Why the foundation needs to save these 12.4 hectares?

On the map below you see already protected patches of rainforest by the foundation (light grey), the network of protected areas of Mompiche (green) and our strategic partners (dark grey). The red patches, owned by local landowners, are for sale. Usually they will be sold for monoculture purposes, meaning that the area will be deforested and transformed into palm oil plantations, balsa plantations or cattle farms. Except Save The Paradise is buying them with your help.

It is imperative to save these 12.4 hectares in order to connect all the patches of the conservation network and unite 220 hectares of the wildlife corridor where the biodiversity can flourish. But theres more:

If we succeed our corridor will connect to the land of a real state company named Bay State. After meeting them they agreed to join the network of protected areas with approximately 300 hectares of rainforest once we can reach them. This way  the corridor could expand to nearly 500 hectares. And that is just awesome!

Map protected area

What is a wildlife corridor?

Wildlife corridors are connections across the landscape that link up areas of habitat. They support natural processes that occur in a healthy environment, including the movement of species to find resources, such as food and water. Corridors can contribute to the resilience of the landscape in a changing climate and help to reduce future greenhouse gas emissions by storing carbon in native vegetation. They can also support multiple land uses such as conservation, farming and forestry.*

*source: Australian Department of Agriculture, water and the Environment

What are the costs per patch?

See the patches in red in the map above:

  • 1.4 hectare: 7000 dollar
  • 0.6 hectare: 3000 dollar
  • 5.8 hectare: 12.500 dollar
  • 4.6 hectare: 15.000 dollar

Prices of the different patches vary, because each patch belongs to a different owner putting their own price.

How will the donations be used?

37.500 dollars will be spent to purchase the patches of rainforest marked in red.

2.500 dollar will be spent on administrative costs: notary, taxes and lawyers.

Where are we standing now?

Thanks to the support of a lot of nature lovers our project is growing. We began with the dream to save the rainforest of Mompiche in mid 2019. In the beginning we experienced a lot of obstacles and challenges but slowly on, more and more people started supporting us and  today we are protecting 34 hectares in the foundations name! Together with liked minded people we created a network of protected areas that sum 220 hectares. This is a game changer, the amount of protected hectares are increasing and so our voices are becoming stronger.

How you can Help!

In order to buy land, we need money. Please Donate using one of the following options. But almost as important is that you share this campaign with as many people as possible. 2000 people donating 20 USD would totally do the trick.



You can donate at the Gofundme page with various payment methods.

Credit card or PayPal

We are sorry: Donations from Ecuador won’t work with PayPal. In this case, please use one of the other options to donate.

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Bank transfer

Especially if you are from Europe you can donate directly to our bank account below without transfer costs. If you are from the Netherlands you can save tax money, because of the ANBI status. Please include your address in the transfer text.

Foundation Save the Paradise
Bankaccount: NL09TRIO0788770993


RSIN number: 860200395

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