Company Donations

Charity donations can positively change business culture. They also have positive impacts on others!

Why donate?

For any professional company it is of huge value to show your social and environmental involvement.

Research has proven that supporting charity has:

1. Employee morale
2. Increased marketing
3. Tax deduction
4. Good for the community


How to donate?

For companies we have the possibility to donate directly to our bank account.

If you are interested in an partnership please send an email to: [email protected]

Tax benefits

The allocation of the ANBI status has a very important purpose for the incoming part of the balance. For the companies and the individuals the tax benefit gives an extra incentive to donate. This incentive is a motivation for people and specially for companies in The Netherlands to donate.

Do you make a donation to a cultural ANBI like Save the Paradise? Then you will receive an additional deduction for this. When you calculate your deduction, you may increase the donation to a cultural ANBI by 25%.

For more information about specific conditions for deducting the gift in your tax return, we check the website of theĀ Belastingdienst.


When we start our commitment we will make an contract in which we register the agreements of the partnership, how long the partnership will be and the payment agreements. Also we will register per contract the use of our logo and how marketing is being done.