ANBI information

Non-Profit Status: Netherlands (ANBI). Our foundation has the ANBI status approved.

ANBI is the non-profit tax designation in the Netherlands issued by the Tax Office (Belastingdienst) in accordance with the general tax laws. ANBI stands for Public Benefit Institution (Algemeen Nut Beogende Instelling).

The allocation of the ANBI status has a very important purpose for the incoming part of the balance. For the companies and the individuals the tax benefit gives an extra incentive to donate. This incentive is a motivation for people and specially for companies in The Netherlands to donate.

This page provides all information concerning the application for an ANBI status.

General information Save the Paradise

The Save the Paradise foundation acquires pieces of tropical rainforest in Mompiche Ecuador and protects it from deforestation.

RSIN number: 860200395
Legal form: Foundation
Statutory name: Foundation Save the Paradise
Visiting address: Jan Hanzenstraat 48 2, 1053ST Amsterdam

Other contact details can be found on the contact page.

Save the Paradise Team

As a foundation all members have equal voices. All agree that none of the members has access to the assets for personal use.

Stefano, Christina and Marty are the founders of Save the Paradise. 

The founders have the following tasks within the foundation:

  • Chairman: Christina Alexandra van der Linden
  • Account: Marty Petronella Keizer
  • Secretary: Stefano Bajak Witt

Remuneration Policy

Our main goal is to protect the tropical rainforest in Mompiche, Ecuador. Almost half of the tropical rainforest around the world already disappeared because of deforestation, palm oil plantations, cattle farms, fish farming pools, among others.

The statutes and the policy plan states that none of the founders will receive a reward for the work related to the foundation.

ANBI status

Our foundation has the ANBI status approved.

This means that your donation is tax deductible in The Netherlands. For any professional company it is of huge value to show your social and environmental involvement.

Check out our donation page for business donations for more info about tax benefits.


Buying rainforest ind Ecuador ti save it