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What exactly is Save the Paradise?

The Save the Paradise foundation buys pieces of rainforest in Mompiche Ecuador and protects it from deforestation.

How can I participate?

You can partipate by donating. With only 10 dollar you can already save 22m2 of rainforest.

How can I see where the donation money is going?

Every piece of land will be shown on the map and by drone shots. Also the land contracts will be put online. Here you will be able to see the amount paid for the hectare land legally signed by a notary of the Ecuadorian government.

Is my donation tax deductible?

Our foundation has the ANBI status approved. This means when accepted your donation is tax deductible in The Netherlands. For more information about the ANBI status, check out our ANBI page in the menu.

For the countries Ecuador and the USA we are in the process of legalising our foundation. In the future hopefully we will be tax deductible in Ecuador and the United States.