About Us

The people behind Save the Paradise and how they got involved.

The Foundation

Save the Paradise a nonprofit foundation based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. The foundation’s core purpose is to protect the endangered tropical rainforest in Mompiche, Ecuador from becoming an agricultural, industrial, or commercial property. 

The long-term goal is to create a wildlife sanctuary legally protected by the constitution of Ecuador, working with like-minded organizations and communities. The Foundation also hopes to work together with the Ecuadorian government for local support.

Save the Paradise was created by a team of nature and animal lovers. While shooting a movie in Ecuador, Chrissy and Stefano fell in love with the country and specifically with the beautiful town of Mompiche. They became mesmerized with this unique landscape and realized that they had to do something to protect the existing biodiversity before it was too late. 

Be part of the change!

The most important members of our team:
The youth of Mompiche dedicated to Saving the Paradise!

The Team