Luigi Stornaiolo is one of the most recognized Ecuadorian painters today.
Born in Quito on June 9, 1956, son of a Neapolitan father and mother from Quito. He completed his first studies at Cardinal Spellman College in his hometown. After graduating from the Baccalaureate, he studied three years at the Faculty of Architecture, but in 1977 he dropped out of studies and traveled to Italy. There he visited museums and soaked in the art of the great masters, already forming an idea of ​​what it really would be in his life. On his return he set up with some friends a handmade cork toy factory, which soon failed due to lack of commercial experience.

Endowed with extraordinary skills for drawing, he lived through those years of selling charcoal portraits. He made his first exhibition at the Club del Arte Gallery, where he showed his ” ironic drawings, within a lucid and almost photographic realism in its details “. In 1980 he married Nelly Witt Vorbeck, whom he met in 1978, and which has since been a source of inspiration in more than forty oil paintings that he retains at home.

He has made more than a dozen individual exhibitions in Ecuador, and has participated in national and foreign collective exhibitions (Peru, Brazil, Canada, Australia, Mexico, Belgium, Puerto Rico, Miami, New York, Venezuela). He has won several awards: the Caricature in the Municipal Hall of Quito (1986), and Mariano Aguilera of the same city in 1989 for his work Gavelas upstairs making rasa table II. He has also participated in the International Biennials of Cuenca (Ecuador), Sao Paulo (1987, 1994), Trujillo (Peru, 1988), Venice (Italy, 1995). Stornaiolo could be cataloged within cartoonist realism, but it is distinguished from all those who have entered into this modality because it has managed to overcome the technical domain and everyday reality, to give its paintings an unusual emotional intensity. All his work is the conjunction of a world in tension where reality and fantasy, sanity and madness coexist, to leave bare all the aberrations of our society.

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